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Satyam Entertainment, LLC is a Los Angeles based creative studio that helps empower visions and creations across the world. Using our vast skills and expertise, we help to visualize and create ambitious operations.

Satyam Entertainment, LLC is a developer of Video Games, Mobile entertainment, Interactive Media, Media Networks and Studio Entertainment. This variety allows us to serve with precision.


About Satyam Entertainment
With a genuine love and passion for entertainment, Satyam Entertainment makes it easy for everyone to get involved in new ways to have fun. We have been involved in the industry some time, using our credentials to help create exciting titles on the market, such as Rio Baby. With our dedication to helping improve the gaming industry, we make sure that people can get access to the kind of entertainment solutions which are fun, engaging, and break away from the traditional mold.

Founder and CEO of the company, Aravindh Satyamoorthy is a professional in creating products that people love. Combined with his passion and experience, Aravindh brings with him a wealth of innovative ideas and styles that can enhance the quality entertainment.

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